Based on survey 88% of consumers search for products before go to physical store or online buying. Here we’ll see some of importance of website for business:

1) Keep your business open 24×7:

  1. Website is not a shop that closes after 9 to 5 working hours; it is open 24 x 7, even on holidays.
  2. One of the key elements in the website importance. To having a website means to available for them anytime, anywhere. Even if during non-working hours of days you will be there for your customers through website.

2) Customer service online:

  1. You can provide customer support directly through your web. It means you can put FAQ’s or chatting support or many more things to provide easy support to consumers.
  2. FAQ will provide at least 50% solutions or answer of customer’s questions, however they have doubts they can use chat support that will solutions fast.

3) Credibility:

  1. Website has your about information, address etc. which are the things that customers go to find on internet.
  2. It improves your credibility. It gives a proof of your existence.

4) Showcase of your work:

  1. This will be your works visual catalog like portfolio. You can present some sample of your work.
  2. For more you can have the testimonials of client, you can put some of them to increase the effect.

5) Track your business in real time:

  1. You can keep track your business by website analytics. It will provide you valuable information on daily, weekly, or monthly basis like:
    1. Numbers of Visitors
    2. Visitors on Particular Page
    3. Time spent on the Web
    4. Locations of Users
    5. Reference visit’s Info
  2. It does also provide the particular date vise data to deeply analysis. You can track every minor thing of that.

6) Have a professional email address:

  1. If you have your own website means you have your Domain with your business name, so can also have professional email address, for example you have domain like so your email address like anything with business name like or

7) Find Client:

  1. No no, you don’t need to do this. Client will find you by your web. Now the time is like every 80 person out of 100 will search online before buying any product or service, so if you presence online they will find you. What you need is only an Effective Website of your brand.

8) Brand visibility:

  1. Websites will become your online store, or office at a very minimal cost. A physical store will have limited visibility of its location. But when it comes to an online presence, the visibility or the reach has no limits. Users from anywhere can access the website.

9) More Sale:

  1. By having an online presence through your website, you are able to reach more consumers. The more consumers you reach online, the more opportunities you have to make a sale.


We can have many more benefits if having webiste, and this is not only for big bulls but Webiste is Important even for Small Business.